Mitigating Risk, Engaging Employees and Increasing Profitability

About Us

At ReFOCUSed Business Consulting our goal is to help our small and medium size business community withstand the storms of the ever evolving business climate. By using our deep well of partnerships and resources within the scope of Human Capital Management, we help businesses locate Cash Refunds/Credits through special government programs independent of market conditions.

Our number one priority is helping business owners grow their business, provide a scalable infrastructure and retain their biggest asset, their employees. We look forward to helping your business refocus on your “Why” and provide the capital, infrastructure and support necessary to move your business forward.


What We Do

Employee Retention
Tax Credit

The Employee Retention Tax Credit is available for employers who previously received, or will receive, a PPP loan.

Work Opportunity
Tax Credits

This program puts Americans back to work by supporting employers with tax credits for offering opportunities to specific target groups.

Employer Training

We are experts in the training reimbursement programs offered by the State of California Employment Development Department.

Energy Efficient Tax Credit

Building owners and lessees can earn tax credits when making qualified, energy-efficient improvements.

R & D Tax Credits

Is your business tapping into the available tax credits for R & D costs? Many business owners are overlooking these opportunities.

Cost Segregation

Cost segregation is a strategy that can be used in tax planning if you have purchased, constructed, or remodeled real estate.



Mario Campirano
Express Electrical Services

“I met Rene Carter through TriNet which is a PEO firm. After signing up with TriNet they work with so many 3rd party vendors that can help your business in different places. Now getting back to Rene with ReFOCUSed. I have to say the customer service has been outstanding. At first I thought, ‘this sounds too good to be true’. Fast forward, I gave them a shot after many questions were asked and answered. I got my first check 3 weeks ago, waiting on the rest of the checks to come in. Thank you Rene. You’re the best!”

Daisy Kirk

I had the pleasure of working with Rene during her time at ADP TotalSource. Rene exudes professionalism and yet is very personable, her clients love her. Her deep care for her internal/external partners and clients alike is unparalleled. She is passionate about helping businesses with their employee related challenges and being a part of assisting them achieve their business goals. I highly recommend Rene Carter, she always gets it done!

Judi Imm
Controller, HR Director

“Rene researched and delivered a recommended product to enable our company to offer our employees a top-notch benefits program. She was great to deal with and communicated the offered program with a focus educating us, as the employer. It was my pleasure to work with Rene and I look forward to a continuing business relationship with her.”